Sarangapani (Lord Vishnu) Temple, Kumbakonam

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A divyadesam temple and also one of the Pancha-Ranga temples of Lord Ranganath (Vishnu).

Legend is that a saint called Hemarishi got darshan of Lord Vishnu at this place. The spot where the Rishi’s hermitage stood became the temple tank, known as Pottramari tanks, at present.

The word Sarangapani means ‘’the deity having a bow in hand’’. Many Alwars had sung in praise of this Lord. The Hindu temple is said to be 3rd in order of prominence among the 108 divyadesam shrines of Lord Vishnu; next only to Tirupati and Sri Rangam.

Goddess Lakshmi – the consort of Lord Vishnu is known as Komalavalli Thayar.

Interestingly, the sanctum sanctorum is built like a chariot in shape. Drawn by horses and elephants with openings on either side, to get an impression that the God descended here from the heaven on this chariot.

The temple is within the Kumbakonam city limits, on the banks of River Kaveri.

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