Baidyanath (Lord Shiva) Dham – Deoghar, Jharkhand

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A well-visited Hindu temple in the region. Legend of this Jyotirlinga is associated with Ravana-the demon king of Ramayana. He tried to carry Kailas mountain- the abode of Lord Shiva- to his country. Lord Shiva became angry; punished Ravana by cutting his finger.

Ravana pleaded for mercy. Instead of Kailas Lord Shiva gave a Shivalinga to Ravana to take back to Srilanka. But, put a condition. He has to carry the Linga on his hand; should not put that on earth. In case if that happens the Linga shall get embedded on earth. He cannot take back it. Ravana agreed.

Ravana started returning to his country carrying the ShivLinga with him. Meanwhile Devas, already suffocated by Ravana, realized the danger of the demon getting a Shiva Linga from Lord Shiva himself. So Lord Varuna entered Ravana’s belly; caused him to feel for urination.

At this time Lord Vishnu-in disguise as a young boy, approached Ravana; offered to carry the Linga until he urinates. Left with no choice, the demon agreed. But before Ravana returned, the clever boy put that on earth.

When Ravana came back he saw the Linga embedded on earth. The boy had disappeared. Sensing the trick played by the devas he prayed again to Lord Shiva by cutting one head each as an offering to the Lord. Lord Shiva cannot remain silent in front of this devotion. He appeared before Ravana; consoled him and brought back his lost heads to him.

The sprawling Jyotirlinga temple complex has twenty two other temples within its fold. It also houses one of the Shakthipeethas of Goddess Sathi. It is believed Sathi devi’s heart fell here.

The Chandra koopa well in the temple is believed to be made by Ravana. It is considered sacred.

In the month of Shravan (June-July) devotees undertake a rigorous 180 kilometers long pilgrimage on foot to this temple. They collect holy Ganga water from Sultanganj in Bhagalpur district of Bihar and reach the temple on foot to offer abhisheka to Baidyanath with that water. This is an important event that attracts many devotees to this temple.
Ranchi- the state Capital- is 322 kilometers away.

Nearest major city is Patna- 280 kilometers far.
Jasidih (on Howra-Patna-Kolkotta main line) is the nearest rail head. It is twelve kilometers from the temple.

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