Sapta Koteshwar (Lord Shiva) Temple, Narve, Goa

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A famous Hindu temple of Goa; dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Saptakoteshwar.

The name is derived from the legend associated with the temple. According to it Seven (sapta in Sanskrit) Sages did penance to please Lord Shiva continuously for seven crore years. Koteshwar means Lord of crores- that is wealth.

The original temple was built by a Kadamba King for his wife’s worship. Later, the temple witnessed two destructions; first from Bahamani Sultans in 1352 and the second from the Portuguese in 1560. After the Bahamani attack, the Vijaya Nagar rulers reconstructed the temple in 1367. But the Portuguese attack was massive; the idol had to be shifted from the original site.

The present temple owes much to Shivaji – the mighty Maratha ruler. The architecture of the present temple has a Moghul and European appearance, rather than a typical Hindu one.

The Gokulashtami festival of the temple draws thousands of devotees from all over the region to this temple.

The temple is at a place called Narve, about 35 kilometers from Panaji- the state Capital.

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