Mallikarjuna (Lord Shiva) Temple – Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

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A famous abode of Lord Shiva in South India; also a well-visited Hindu temple of India.

According to the legend a princess called Chandravati went to a forest called ‘Kadalivana’ (present day Srisailam) to do penance.

She witnessed a curious scene there. A cow, standing under a Bilwa tree, oozes out milk from its udder non-stop. Prince Chandravathi doubted the presence of a divine force. She dug the place; surprisingly found a Shivalinga beneath. The present temple marks the place where she saw the Jyotirlinga.

The temple also houses one of the Shakthipeethas of Goddess Sathi as Brahamramba.

This ancient centre of Lord Shiva worship received patronage from many rulers and scholars like Maratha ruler Shivaji, Vijayanagar rulers and Smt. Ahalya Bhai Holkar.

Sankaracharya ,the celebrated reformer of Hinduism, worshipped the Lord here by writing Shivananda Lahari in praise of Lord Mallikarjun.

The Lord Shiva temple is on the banks of river Krishna amidst the lush Nallamalai forest.

Hyderabad- the state capital is 211 kilometers far.

Kurnool is the convenient rail head.

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