Trimbakeshwar (Lord Shiva) Temple – Nasik, Maharashtra

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The place is considered as the origin of river Godavari. The tradition tells us that on request from a sage called Gouthama the holy river Ganga came to Trimbakeshwar and came to be known as Godavari.

The legend is associated with the sage Gouthama. The sage received a bottomless pit from Lord Varuna which provided inexhaustible (akshaya) supply of food grains. This made other Rishi’s jealous. They plotted against Kapila; arranged a cow to make yagnasala of sage Kapila impure. When Kapila tried to ward off the cow it got killed accidentally.

Thus the granary and his hermit became impure. He prayed to Lord Shiva to bring the holy river Ganga to his hermit to purify the premise. The Lord agreed; sent Ganga to Kapila’s ashram.

But, taming the Ganga was not an easy task. The river appeared and disappeared in front of the Sgae many times. The therthas around this temple is said to mark the spots where river Ganga appeared before the sage.

Among these, Kushavartha theertha is considered important. This mark the spot where sage Kapila finally tamed river Ganga. The Kushavartha Theertha Kumbhamela- held once in 12 years attracts many devotees.

The famous Hindu temple is about 28 kilometers from Nasik.
Nearest major city is Mumbai, which is 208 kilometers away.
The nearest rail head is Nasik.

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