Mahakal (Lord Shiva)Temple – Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

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A famous Hindu temple of central India. The legend is that a demon called Daruka tormented the people of Avanti (ancient name of Ujjain). So, on prayers from the people of Avanti, Lord Shiva killed the demon; took abode here as Jyotirlinga. Lord Shiva is known as Mahakal.

The city of Ujjain is dotted with many Hindu temples of ancient origin; a cradle of Hinduism in its good days. It also houses one of the Shakthipeethas of Goddess Sathi at Harsidhimata temple, adjacent to Mahakal temple.

This is an ancient centre of trade, commerce and scholarship too. The famous poet Kalidas, spent much time here. The Ghad Kalika temple, six kilometers from Mahakal, is closely associated with him. It is believed, Kalidas became a scholar after praying to the Goddess Kali here.

The Sandipani ashram is the other place to visit in Ujjain. According to the legend Lord Krishna lived here as disciple of his Guru Sandipani. The ashram still holds the Krishna memories alive; there is a temple dedicated to him and his guru sage Sandipani. It is seven kilometers from Mahakal temple.

The city is on the banks of river Shipra. A Kumbhamela is being celebrated once in 12 years on the banks of this river at Ujjain.

It is a bustling centre of trade and commerce even now; well-connected by rail and road to other parts of the country.

Bhopal-the state Capital- is 190 kilometers away. This is the nearest major city.

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