Sidhi Vinayak (Lord Ganesh) Temple, Mumbai

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One of the richest temples in Mumbai built by Smt.Deubai Patil a pious, wealthy lady.

Legend says Smt.Patil had no child although she has everything else. Being a staunch Ganesha devotee, she built this temple and requested Lord Ganesh to bestow children to all woman who prays to him at this temple as she do not want her fate to occur to any other woman in future.

The Lord Ganesh here is believed to heed to any fervent request made to him.

Here, Lord Ganesh is worshipped along with his two wives Riddhi and Siddhi; so he came to be known as Sidhi Vinayak.

The temple rose to prominence in the second half of the 20th century mainly due to the frequent visit of Bolly Wood stars. The devotees in large numbers started visiting the temple only after 1952 and the long standing Q’s appeared by 1965 onwards.

The temple, located on the Prabhadevi area of Mumbai, got a major renovation few years back.

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