Somaramam (Lord Shiva) at Bhimavaram

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The Shiva Linga is consecrated by Lord Chandra (the Moon).

There is a story behind this; Gandharvas (musicians of Devaloka known for their beauty) were envious of Moon because of his beauty.

So they kidnapped and kept him as a prisoner at Gandharvaloka. When Devas approached Lord Brahma for help, he sent Goddess Saraswati as his emissary.Although Goddess Saraswati managed to get Moon out of Gandharvaloka, Gandharvas continued to harass Chandra.

Disappointed, Chandra sought the help of Lord Brahma; who in turn advised him to worship Lord Shiva at Bhimavaram. Chandra did the same and got relieved from the Gandharvas.

The Shiva Linga of this temple is believed to be changing colors into black and white during black Moon and white Moon period.

The temple is famous for solemnizing marriages as the Moon is known for love and affection. Here, Goddess Parvati is being worshiped as Annapoorna.

A section of Godavari River’s confluence with the Sea is nearby.

The place is well-connected with Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam by road.

The Ksheerarama temple at Palakollu, another Pancharama temple, is 20 kilometers from here.

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