Sri Mangesh Temple, Goa

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A famous abode of Lord Shiva in Goa. The history of the temple is closeley linked to the political history of the Portuguese Goa too.

During the Portuguese rule of Goa the foreign rulers did many things to harm the religious life of the native Hindus and spread the Christianity. Hindu temple destruction was the favourite tool of the rulers to do this. They vandalised Hindu temples and many of them where either colapsed or was forced to shift from its original place.

SriMangesh temple also was destructed by the Portuguese in 1560 AD. But sensing the attack on this temple the then chief priest of the temple shifted the original Shiv Linga to another place before the Protuguese attack. Thus the present temple of Sri Mangesh is not on the original site of Kutthal but a place called Mangeshi. At the original site of the temple the foreign rulers built a church which is still there.

In 1866 AD, Following a change of Policy the Portuguse allowed some religious freedom to Hindus and allowed their destructed temples to re-build. So, the present temple dates back to this period.

The temple architecture is mix of everything from Dravidian to Nagara and Western to Oriental!!
The deepasthamba (the Indian candle stand) is noteworthy which catches the attention of everyone; especially when it is lit during the festival period.

Legend of the temple is associated with Lord PArasuram. It is believed Lord Mangeshi was the family deity of certain Brahmanic Gotras of Bihar. Lord Parsuram invited this Gotra to Kushasthal (the original place of the temple now known as Kutthal) to perfom vedic ceremonies.

The temple is about 30 kilometers from Panaji, the state capital.

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