Sri Ram Temple, Bhadrachalam

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A famous abode of Lord Sri Ram in Andrapradesh The temple, on the banks of river Godavari, is rich in tradition, legend and antiquity.

Legend tells us that the temple marks the spot where Lord Sri Ram crossed river Godavari during his search for Sita devi at the Dandakaranya area.

The temple and the area surrounding it is closely associated with the Ramayana stories. It is said, the area is the Southern edge of the Dandakaanya forest where Lord Sri Ram spent many years in exile. The Parnasala, where Lord Sri Ram spent his days, along with his wife Goddess Sita and brother Lakshman, is only 35 kilometers from Bhadra Chalam.

The place became known after a sage called Bhadra. Tradition holds that Sage Bhadra did penance to get the darshan of Lord Sri Ram. On getting his darshan, the sage requested Lord Sri Ram to take seat on his head. Lord Sri Ram promised to come back after his mission to get back Devi Sita is over. But he could not meet his promise even after the search for Sita is over. So Lord Vishnu manifested himself as Vykunta Rama before Sage Bhadra thereafter. Hence the place became Bhadrachalam.

The temple is closely associated with two other famous saints. One is Sri Kancharla Gopanna (popularly known as Bhakta Ramdas) and the other is Sri Kabirdas (a Muslim by birth). Sri Gopanna was an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Ram of this temple. He was the Tahasildar of the area under the Nawab of Golkonda.

One day, the villagers requested to renovate the dilapidated SriRam temple by using the amount that he collected as the Tahasildar. They promised him that they shall re-pay it once the harvest season is over. Being a devotee, Gopanna agreed. He renovated the temple, using the Government fund. Somehow, the Nawab came to know this deed. He arrested Gopanna for misappropriation of the funds and imprisoned him.

A helpless Gopanna prayed to Lord Sri Ram for help. The story tells us that Lord Sri Ram returned the Government fund to the Nawab in person, disguised as a villager and released his devotee from jail.
Later, Nawab realized the mistake of imprisoning Gopanna. So he donated many lands and other things to the temple. During the Ramnavami celebrations he used to send many gifts to the Lord Sri Ram of this temple through a special representative. This tradition continues even now. After independence, it is customary that the Government of Andhrapradesh is represented by a senior minister during the Ramnavami festival of this temple.

During the Ram Navami Celebration, the marriage of Lord Sri Ram to Devi Sita is enacted. This festival attracts a huge crowd to the temple.

It is said; Saint Kabirdas once visited this temple. The priest denied entry to him as he was a Muslim. The moment, the idols of sanctorum said to have disappeared.It only re-appeared once the authorities’ permitted entry to Kabirdas.

The famous Hindu temple is set amidst beautiful landscape, nestled along the river Godavari. The temple is in a remote place, almost near to chattisgarh- Andrapradesh border.

The temple is said to be the third-most visited temple in Andhra Pradesh, after Tirupathi and Simhachalam.

Khammam seems to be the nearest important town. It is about 325 kilometers from Hyderabad.

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