Sri Ram Temple, Ramtek

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A famous abode of Lord Sriram of Central India: atop a hill called Ramgiri.

Legend is that Lord Sriram took rest at this place while on his way to Sri Lanka in search of Devi Sita.

The place is also associated with the famous poet Kalidas. He wrote his famous kriti “Meghasandesh” from here.

Apart from Sriram temple there are about 40 other Hindu temples all along the hill top which together known as Ramtek Temple complex. A temple pond , on the foot of Ramgiri hill, is worth mentioning. Many temples are there around this ancient pond. Many immerse bones of their fore fathers at this temple as a ritual known as “pitrupooja”

Ramtek is about 40 kilometers from Nagpur. One can reach the temple atop the hill by road.

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