Sri Ram Temple, Triprayar

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A well-known Sri Ram temple in Kerala.

There is an interesting legend on the origin of the temple. When Dwaraka (The place of Lord Krishna) was swallowed by the sea the four idols of Lord Vishnu, worshipped by Krishna himself, was lost in sea.

In due course, it reached the Tripayar coast. Few fishermen happened to see these idols. They handed over them to the land lord of the area. Meanwhile, the land lord had a vision to install it in a temple.

He arranged the consecration of one of the idols at Triprayar. When the arrangements were going on, a divine voice was heard. It told the head priest to extend the consecration of the idol till a peacock comes there to mark the exact place for the consecration of the idol.

So the Head Priest (Thantri) waited for the peacock’s arrival. After waiting for a considerable time they lost patience, consecrated the idol on the SreeKovil. Immediately after the consecration ceremony was over, a peacock arrived on the scene and it stood at a particular place.

This made all present there perplexed. So to correct their mistake, the Head Priest arranged for installing a ‘’baliabalikkallu’’ (a sacrificial stone used for temple rituals) at the spot where the peacock stood. From that day onwards this stone is worshipped with the same devotion as to the idol at the sanctum sanctorum.

The sanctum has a four handed Lord Vishnu as the idol. It is believed, it also has the presence of Lord Shiva. A Dakshinamoorthy idol is worshipped at the sanctum- an unique feature for a Lord Vishnu temple!!

The Sreekovil also have idols of Sri Devi and BhooDevi, believed to have consecrated by Sri. Vilvamangalam Swamiyar, to correct the mistake took place at the time of consecration of the original idol.

The famous Aarattupuzha pooram is closely connected to this Lord. Thriprayarappan (Lord Vishnu at Thrippayar) is the presiding deity of this famous festival. On the last day of this festival, the idol of Triprayarappan is taken with a ceremonial procession through a 12 kilometers stretch to take part at this festival, held at a place called Aarattupuzha. The entire length of the route is covered by traditional lamps to welcome Triprayarappan on this day. This pooram is the meeting place of many Gods and Goddesses in the area, with Sri Thriprayarappan as head of the event.

The vast temple is on the shore of a river, adding to the beauty of it. The circular Sree Kovil is lavish on sculptures and paintings depicting Ramayana scenes.

During his military raids in Kerala, TipuSultan of Mysore attacked this temple. To test the divinity of the idol, it is believed; he struck at the head of the idol. Suddenly blood oozed out of the idol. The Sultan was awe stuck; he gifted many lands to this temple and spared from his vandalism.

Triprayar is between Guruvayur (25 kilometers) and Ernakulam (55 kilometers)

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