Sri Saradamba (Goddess Durga) Temple, Sringeri

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Before going to the temple an introduction to Sringeri is necessary.

Sringeri, on the banks of River Tungabhadra, is the place where Sri Sankaracharya chose to establish his fourth matha or hermitage to propagate his Advaita philosophy. He established other three Mathas at Puri in Orissa, Dwaraka in Gujarat and Jyothirmath near Badari in Uttarakhand.

There is an interesting legend behind the setting up of the Matha at Sringeri. When Sri Sankaracharya was walking through this place he saw a peculiar scene on the river bank. A cobra, with a raised hood, is providing shelter to a frog from the heat of the sun. This surprised, the Acharya as snakes and frogs being natural enemies. This harmony, even between the natural enemies, inspired Sri. Sankaracharya. So he chose this place for his fourth Matha.

Besides, according to the Hindu scriptures, Sringeri was home to the sage Rishysringa who brought rain to the drought hit kingdom of King Romapada. The story is narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayan.

Coming to the Saradamba temple, the shrine is dedicated Goddess Parvati, known as Saradamba. This is the titular deity to the Bharathi Thirtha order of Sringeri Math, established by Sri Sankaracharya. The original idol, made of Sandal wood, is consecrated by Sri Sankaracharya himself over a Sri Yantra (a tantric sign) that he himself carved on a rock.

In the 14th century, Sri.Vidyathirtha, then Chief Pontiff or Guru of the Math made many alterations and subsequent Jagad Guru’s added to it. In 1016, Sri Chandra Sekhara Bharati, the then Jagad Guru of the Math consecrated the new temple as we see it today.

Navaratri festival is celebrated in this temple in a grand manner.

Sringeri is about 100 Kilometers from Udupi.

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