Subramanya (Lord Muruga) Temple, Udayanapuram

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This famous Lord Subramanya temple is closely associated with Lord Shiva temple at Vaikkom and the Karthyani temple at Kumaranalloor by legend and rituals.

Legend is that Sri Cheraman Perumal, the legendary King of Kerala, originally intended to consecrate Lord Subrahmanya idol at the present day Karthyani temple at Kumaranalloor. But just before the consecration of the Subrahmanya idol, a divine voice told the King that it is not meant to be the place for Lord Subrahmanya. The voice directed the King to install a Goddess Durga idol instead. Left with no choice, the King did the same. This is the famous Karthyani temple at Kumaranalloor.

He later built a new temple at Udayanapuram and consecrated Lord Subrahmanya, meant to be at Kumaranalloor, at this temple.

The majestic temple is agood specimen to Kerala temple architecture.

On the day of the Vaikkath Ashtami, Lord Subrahmanya of this temple reaches the Vaikkom temple on a ceremonial procession. This is an important event, which attracts many devotees.

It is believed, during the time of Aarattu at Kumaranallur temple, the Lord Subrahmanya of this temple shall be present on the Southern wall of the Karthyani temple at Kumaranalloor.

Thaipuyam festival in Makaram (January-February) is the most important festival of the temple. During this festival hundreds of devotees used to dance with Kavadi on their shoulder-a feast to the eyes.

Udayanapuram is about 25 kilometers from Kottayam and only three kilometers from Vaikkom town.

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