Sun Temple, Unao

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A famous abode of the Sun God in Central India.

Legend is that a cow used to pour it milk from its udder at a particular spot on its own volition daily. One day, a butcher killed this cow for meat. On the following day, the local ruler of Datia had a vision in his dreams to dig the place where the cow used to pour its milk. When did so, the ruler found an idol of Sun God lying beneath; a divine voice directed him to consecrate the idol at that place and build a temple for Sun God at the place. This is the origin of the temple.

Belief is that the Sun God here has the power to cure the skin diseases like leprosy and also eye diseases. People take a dip in the nearby temple tank and worship the Sun God to get their ailments cured; Sundays are said to be especially auspicious in this regard.

The sanctum sanctorum stands on a raised platform, made of bricks covered by black plates. The 21 triangles engraved in the shrine, representing the 21 phases of Sun, is note worthy.

The temple is known variously as Bhramanya Dev temple and Balaji temple.

The Hindu temple is 17 kilometers from Jhansi.

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