Surya Narayana Temple, Arasavalli

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A famous abode of Sun God in in Andhrapradesh.

Legend is that one day Lord Indra tried to enter the Koteswara temple of Lord Shiva and meet Lord Shiva.

This provoked Nandikeswara- the guard of Lord Shiva. Lord Nandikeswara kicked Lord Indra and he fell unconscious.

Thus Lord Indra prayed to Lord Shiva for forgiveness and make him normal. Lord Shiva appeared on Indra’s dream . The Lord asked Indra to consecrate a Sun temple on earth and pray there. Indra came to earth and consecrated this temple.

Another version of the story tells us that originally, Sage Kasyapa consecrated this temple and Indra only unearthed the Sun idol which was already there.

Historically, the temple dates back to Seventh century AD.

The temple is known for healing eye and skin diseases.

Temple is close to Srikakulam town in Andhrapradesh.

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