Tarakeswar (Lord Shiva)Temple

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A famous abode of Lord Shiva in Bengal. According to the legend, Sri Vishnu Das- a devotee of Lord Shiva migrated to Tarakeswar along with his family members from Audh (Ayodhya). But the villagers suspected them. They were asked to prove their innocence.

So, Sri Vishnu Das after praying to Lord Shiva took a hot red iron bar on his hand. On finding he was not hurt; villagers not only accepted his clan but regarded him as blessed.

Later, Sri. Vishnu Das happened to see a cow milking on its own volition at a particular spot every day. That day he has a dream to dig the place which he did. Upon digging, he found a Swayambhu Shiva Linga. He constructed a temple over it.

The present structure dates back to 1729 AD.

The temple attracts a large crowd during Shiva Ratri (in February) and also during Gajan, a local festival(in mid-April).

Tarakeswar is 58 kilometers from Kolkata. It can be easily reached by train or road.

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