Thousand Pillar Temple, Hanumankonda

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An architectural marvel of the Kakatiya rulers. The temple has a three equally important shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva , Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya respectively.

The main attraction is the thousand pillared hall facing these shrines. Interestingly, none of these many pillars obstruct the view of one another from any angles. It does not obstruct the view of these three parallel shrines too!

Recently, the experts of Archaeological Survey of India tried to restore the dilapidated pillars of the temple in order.

Interestingly, when they dug the floor, they found a huge mass of sand. It took almost two weeks to remove this sand. There they found an internal pipe connection to a nearby water body, known as Bhadrakali, Cheruvu, which keeps the sand basement of the hall wet all the time; a notable feature by the standard of the time it is built!!

The temple is on a raised platform. The temple is believed to be built by King Rudra Deva of Kakatiya dynasty in the 1163 century AD.

Hanumankonda is only nine kilometers from the Warangal city.

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