Uthamar koil (Purushotam koil- Lord Vishnu)

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A Divyadesam temple of Lord Vishnu. An unique temple, where all the trinities of Hinduism (Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva )along with their consorts are worshipped in one temple. Having Brahma worship in a temple is even rarer. Besides, this temple has a famous Guru Bhagavan of Navagraha shrine.

Thousand attend the –Guruwar pooja on Thursdays. Many other deities of both Saiva and Vishnu Sect is also worshipped. A place for Saiva-Vishnava sangamam that we can say.

There is an interesting legend behind this temple becoming a trinity temple. Once upon a time Shiva and Brahma both had five heads. One day, Parvati mistook Brahma for Shiva (as both having five heads) and offered poojas to Brahma. Lord Shiva got angry; he cut one head of Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma cursed Lord Shiva to become a beggar on earth. So Shiva came to earth as a beggar. He used Brahma’s skull as the begging bowl. But, every time when someone filled the vessel with food it got vanished immediately. Shiva became bewildered and also hungry. He came to Uttamar koil, accepted food from Goddess Mahalakshmi of this temple.

To his surprise the food remained there. So he prayed to Lord Vishnu of this temple to relieve him from the sin. Seeing the plight of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu took back the curse of Lord Brahma and in turn offered worship to Lord Brahma at this temple. Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu requested Lord Shiva too to be present here.

In the month of Kartikai idols of both Shiva and Vishnu are taken to a ceremonial procession together. Lord Ranganath of Sri Rangam comes to this temple once in a year in ceremonial procession. This is another important festival at the temple.

The temple is about 12 kilometers from Tiruchirapalli. Sri Rangam is also nearby.

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