Vidyashankar Temple, Sringeri

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An 800 years old Hindu temple. Sringeri is the place where Sri Sankaracharya established his fourth Matha to propagate the ‘Advaita’ philosophy.

The Vidyashanker temple is dedicated to Sri.Vidya Shanker or Vidyathirtha, a holy pontiff of the math who was the head of the math for about 105 years between 1228 AD to 1333 AD. Here, he is worshipped as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is closely associated with the Vijayanagara rulers of Hampi. Sri. Vidyaranya Thirtha, who succeeded Sri. Vidyathirtha as the head- pontiff consecrated this temple with the generous support of the Vijaya Nagara rulers.

Thus, the temple is the fusion of Dravidian, Vijaya Nagara and Hoysala Hindu temple architecture. The twelve pillars on the eastern side of the Garbha Griha (sanctum) deserve special mention. These 12 pillars are marked by the 12 signs of the Zodiac in their order in the Zodiac system. The pillars are arranged in such a manner that the rays of the sun fall on each of them in the order of the 12 solar months. On the floor is a large circle, marked with converging lines to show the direction of shadows in each month.

The temple is on the banks of Tungabhadra River.

Sringeri is about 100 kilometers from Udupi. The famous Kollur Mookambika temple is about 40 kilometers away.

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