Vilwadrinatha (Lord Sri Ram) Temple, Tiruvilvamala

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A famous temple dedicated to Lord Sri Ram in Kerala.

The temple has a two Sanctum Sanctorum facing East and West. The East facing is dedicated to Lord Lakshmana (brother of Lord Sri Ram) and the west facing to Lord Sri Ram.

The Vigraha of the West is said to be self-born. The legend is that Lord Vishnu appeared to a sage called Amalaka. The sage requested Lord Vishnu to remain there and bless the humanity. Lord Vishnu agreed and transformed himself as an idol.

It is believed, Lord Parasuram consecrated the idol of Lord Lakshman in the East facing Sanctum Sanctorum. It is to be noted that a temple dedicated to Lakshmana is a rare thing.

The Punarjanani cave nearby is note worthy. It is believed, having a difficult journey through the cave on the day of the Ekadasi, to relieve one from the sins; free a person from the cycle of birth as propagated by Hindu scriptures.

The temple is near Ottapalam (about 30 kilometers) in Palakkad district of Kerala.

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