Walkeswar (Lord Shiva) Temple, Mumbai

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Another popular Hindu temple in the city of Mumbai.

According to the legend, on his way to Lanka, Lord Sriram along with his brother Lakshman reached this place; he had a vision to start Shiva worship at this place. He asked Lakshman to bring a Shiva Linga. Lakshman took much time to get it. So Lord Sriram made a Linga out of the sand available there. Thus, the Linga came to be known as Walkeswar- meaning god of sand.

The nearby Banaganga Lake is also believed to be the creation of Lord Sriram. He wanted fresh water to carry out the puja to his newly created Linga. He could not find fresh water nearby. Thus he made a lake here by sending an arrow to the earth and brought the water from holy river Ganges to it. The lake is considered as holy as that of Linga in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The original temple is believed to have built by a Gauda Sraswat minister of Silhara dynasty which ruled the area in 1127 AD.

Later in the 16 nth century AD the Portuguese rulers of Mumbai destructed this temple. It was again re-built in 1715 at the initiative of Sri.Rama Kamath, a business man of Mumbai; he also belonged to the Gauda Saraswat sect.

By 1860 the temple started attracting large crowds.

The temple on the Malabr Hill area now holds an annual music festival, usually in the month of January, organized by Maharashtra Tourism that attracts many.

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